Perhaps you have been asking yourself this question a lot lately, which led you to this particular page. Curiosity. Need for information. Willingness to explore. All these things, and more, have fostered the magnificent growth of Social Media. Today, Social Media is very powerful.

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What gives Social Media all this power?

We all do – You, me, and our kids. By simply connecting with each other in a safe, unobtrusive, internet-based methods, we have all naturally given rise to the power of Social Media. For one, it’s free and easy to use. Secondly, a person can try out ideas and personas until they find something that works – hence furthering personal development. And companies are people too.

So, to us, Social Media is one big networking conversation full of topics and ideas on the road to self-discovery and grandeur.

Where there’s people gathering, there’s opportunity.

Unlike traditional media sources and messaging methods, Social Media has its own set of unwritten standards set by users. Users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and WordPress are less likely to respond to a traditional “newspapery” advertisement and are more likely to respond to a magazine “advertorial”.

An advertorial is like an editorial mixed with an advertisement. Editorials provide engaging education on a subject; where an advertisement is a shock-and-awe approach of putting your products and services in my face. We, Social Media users, are more likely to respond to an engaging advertorial about how to clean the snot out of our kids noses then to a whimsical bear on TV pulling toilet paper off his butt. Although a picture of mama bear cleaning baby bear’s nose next to the advertorial would be perfect!

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One of our Social Media strategists will work with you on developing a plan on how to use Social Media in the most effective manner for your company. You will receive a 4 page written report specifically geared to your audience that you can use any way you’d like. Here are a few ways many professions use Social Media tools today:

  • Authors use it to attract attention for publicity (a new pre-requisite by many big publishers)
  • Social bees use it to coordinate meet-ups and gatherings (and parties, expos, seminars, hangouts, conventions, happy hour)
  • Large corporations use it to establish branding and resolve customer service issues
  • Experts use it to disseminate their publications, content and draw attention to their personal brand
  • Businesses use it to create awareness, establish credibility and connect with their customers (like expert sales people, customer service managers, CEO’s)
  • Job seekers use it to expose their expertise. Employers use it to validate the applicant’s expertise.
  • Most of us just use it to have fun.

Welcome to the conversation!