We’ve all come to know the importance of being able to glean information on just about anything in just a few minutes of searching on the web. In fact, it makes us wonder just how we got along without it, doesn’t it? The mere fact that we rely on the world wide web for information dictates the importance of businesses having great websites. This is especially true for restaurant franchises as we not only eat with our eyes, we evaluate franchise opportunities with our eyes. It’s important to not only have concise information on your website… it’s equally important that it’s easy to manipulate and catches the reader’s attention.

Great websites create business opportunities. They deliver strong marketing messages to your target audience by controlling the narrative.

Our favorite restaurant franchise websites exhibit:

  • Credibility – show off your brand strength and awards
  • Position as a market Leader in tech, marketing and innovation
  • Evidence of proven scalable business models
  • Let serious buyers browse a table of franchise financial requirements
  • Showcase points of difference – How do you stand out in the QSR or Fast Casual crowd?
  • Stress corporate support especially for newbie franchisees, or corporate jumpers

Restaurant franchising is a competitive field. It’s important to work with a web designing service that not only has a great reputation but has experience in creating original restaurant franchise websites. “Original” is the keyword here. You don’t want your website to look like everyone else’s. I’m sure your restaurant concept doesn’t either. Your website needs to show your proven track record, brand strength, and stress how a strong corporate support enhances the chain’s brand and reputation. You want the story to be both compelling and appealing. It takes a design team experienced in franchise websites to know how to hone in on your franchise strengths to entice potential franchisees.

It’s important to choose a designer who is well versed in the marketing personas of successful franchisees, not just those interested in becoming a franchisee. At Red Palm, we have over 12 years experience with franchisors of all sizes – emerging and mature brands – and intimately know the profiles of those who move down the funnel to Application to Discovery Day to Grand Opening. We regularly study the personas of the successful franchisees who enjoy expanding their investment portfolios with multi-unit and/or multi-brand operations.

Not sure if you want to spend the money to have your restaurant franchise website redone? Think again. Losing just one potential franchisee costs far more than the cost of re-vamping your website and image. An added bonus is that your website designer will know the ins and outs of digital marketing and will ensure your brand’s story reaches your target audience. You’ll find the website pays for itself in increased business opportunities.

Red Palm Marketing knows its way around all types of business websites, especially restaurant franchise websites. Let us walk you through the process and develop your exciting new website today and start generating leads!


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