Clearwater, FL (PRWeb) April 10, 2012 – Recent upheaval changes to long-time favorite social media sites, in their quest for maximizing quarterly profits, have left many confused on exactly how to use internet tools to effectively showcase their artwork – digitally. Dramatic structural changes to familiar sites have given rise to opportunities for paid branding and advertising – but have left digital artists and hobbyists with limited promotional options.

In response to recent changes, two Clearwater based companies have partnered together to bring clarity to recent technology changes that are sweeping through this digitally inspired artform. 2JosCreative will be this month’s presenter in the monthly educational workshop series on April 18, 2012 for professional photographers and those who are working to get their business to a new level.

“The rules surrounding how a business can promote itself using Social Media are ever changing. This outlet is critical for Visual Artists, and the ability to implement a simple yet solid strategy can be the gold key to having a profitable business” says Jerri Menaul of Menaul Art Printing. Menaul Art Gallery regularly features artwork from local inspiring artists and offers various community-building based education efforts to support visual artists.

The upcoming free workshop is designed to walk a person through the entire process from preparing images for the web, managing comments to promoting their sites. “To help keep image sharing affordable and wide-spread, this workshop will focus on the use of free technologies” said Laurean Vincent of 2JosCreative who is the featured speaker at the event. 2JosCreative is a full service marketing & advertising agency that helps guide professionals to get the most from their on-line marketing activities.

“Empowering artists to engage the public in open online conversations about how they experience their artwork” continues Vincent “will help these photographers promote their incredible artwork”.

The photographer workshop signups are available through Menaul’s Facebook event site: Hosted at Menaul Art. 1750 North Hercules Ave. Clearwater FL 33765 There is no cost to attend this free public event.

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2 Jos Creative is now Red Palm Marketing, is owned by Pinellas Creative Marketing, LLC (PCM). PCM is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. A full service social media, marketing and online advertising agency that offers workshops and full service packages for small businesses or professionals. PCM specializes in assisting professionals in establishing their personal brand and to demonstrate expertise in their industry. PCM is privately held and owned. Located at 13575 58th Street North #113, Clearwater, FL 33760 727-230-8880

Menaul Art. 1750 North Hercules Ave. Clearwater FL 33765