FOREWORD: It has recently come to my attention, through the nudge of my business partners, that my industry may finally have come up with a term to describe my quarky love affair between data and creativity. Fortunately for you, if you are already a client of Red Palm Marketing, you benefit from both schools of thought on this subject. Since Laurean has a background with Six Sigma, Red Palm was designed with a data driven backbone to the organization. With our secret love affair with people, graphics and all things social (in person and online), Red Palm gets to bring both schools of thought to your marketing campaigns.


Technology has given marketers the ability to track, quantify, and optimize marketing processes at a level that was unheard of only a year ago. The “marketing scientist” has come to dominate this new arena of objective measurement and data-driven thinking, while the “marketing artist” continues to thrive on creative ideas and a more abstract way of thinking.

While these two differently minded marketers may sometimes disagree over where the focus should lie, the marketing departments that will truly excel in this new age of marketing are those that recognize the value in both approaches. This infographic highlights the tremendous assets marketing artists and marketing scientists can bring to the table, and the advantage of finding a balance between the two.

Marketing Scientists vs. Marketing Artists [INFOGRAPHIC] - ExactTarget Infographic

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