Everybody in every organization, everywhere has ONE great idea. That ONE great idea that fuels further imagination, that keeps you dreaming (or day dreaming) and sparks conversation amongst friends. Ideas are fantastic assets, but have absolutely no value except to the keeper of them, if they are not shared and built up.

When I was a teenager I was in love with the notion of having a golden retriever and a pick up truck, but I was afraid of my soon-to-be dog getting hurt in the bed of the truck. I came up with an idea of a pick-up-truck-bed harness/seatbelt for dogs. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools to get that idea off the ground and make pick-up trucks safe for all dogs. (Currently, these life-saving devices are available by somebody who did get their idea off the ground). I still regret that un-launched idea, even though I was very young.

Today, we are all very fortunate to have at our disposal, a spider-web of mechanisms to share our ideas with the world. It is in the sharing of our ideas that we get to learn more about them, find a community of experts that share in them and take the necessary steps to turn them into reality.

Part of the great power of online networking is the ability to harness the power of instantaneous publishing to make the world aware of your greatest ideas. Idea sharing and commenting on other people’s ideas are the cornerstone to effective Social Media campaigns. People who are responsible Social Media Bloggers not only share their ideas with the world, but also comment on other people’s ideas and help them grow. It’s this collaboration that makes Social Media an instrumental part of establishing creditability and creating awareness.

So, I ask you again, what’s your great idea?