Working with franchisors all over the country, we run into a variety of lead nurturing systems. One of the most common CRM systems that franchisors use is FranConnect.


The GUI was recently overhauled in the winter of 2018, but it was asthetic at best – moving the menus and interfaces to mimic the new Google Adwords navigation. The actual tools inside – reporting, lead data – remained the same. Their overhaul mimicked a simple fresh coat of paint. The 2020 update wasn’t much better, really.

What we do like about FranConnect, from a lead generation perspective, is that it includes a lead nurturing email system and a lead scoring system. Absolute paramount for hungry sales reps managing a high volume of incoming leads from their agencies. The team at Red Palm Marketing enjoys how easy it is to feed leads into the system with lead attribution.

Reporting is a challenge, as the data displays are antiquated and feels similar to older legacy systems. It’s a challenge to interact with some of the data, so we export and report offline for the key metrics the client is truly looking for, and run through another reporting visualization system.

FranConnect is notorious for having terrible customer support. The only Tier 1 support available is via email – mostly because their core lower level support is on another continent. If you want good old-fashioned American support (or call support) for your FranConnect system, it may take weeks of begging.


Fortunately, FranConnect has an API structure that is integratable. Now with our proprietary WordPress API, Red Palm can utilize preferred form services and accurately identify lead sources in our lead capture web forms and correctly feed into FranConnect.


Most users of FranConnect use the out-of-the-box webforms that come packaged with FranConnect. These forms, from a web designer perspective, are (pardon our French) ugly. With the Red Palm proprietary API interface, we can design forms that style with the theme of the website, look cohesive, and actively operate on the back end with all the speed and utility that savvy lead generators look for – auto email responders, lead attribution, system integrations, CRM integrations and tighter controls over marketing campaign ROI’s.

For more information about our FranConnect API for lead generation forms, please contact us.


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