Social Media Quick Start

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Designed for the busy professional who recognizes the need for a presence on Social Media sites and wants effective profiles set up.

Includes New Client Consultation

In order to develop effective profiles and initial blog entries, well, we need a starting point. Without a roadmap, it’s like playing hopscotch without markings on the ground. No rules and everything goes. Yikes. Job seekers and other professionals may submit a resume in lieu of a New Client Consultation.

Social Media Profiles Set up and Head Start on Likes/Followers

We will help you craft effective profiles and submit the profiles to the Social Media sites of your choosing. Once everything is set up, we’ll get you a head start on getting Friends, Followers and other networking favs.

Basic Online Reputation Search

People are out there searching about you and your company every day. What are they seeing? Overwhelming, positive accolades, or something different? What information do they see about you? A photo of your new office complex or your old address and phone number? We’ll conduct a search of all the major search engines and directories and submit a report to you of what we find. Any incorrect, physical information (name, address, phone, website) will be submitted on your behalf and included in the report.

Google Analytics Set Up / Web Integration

This is by far, the single most important tool in your web presence toolbox. In the off chance your website does not have Google Analytics implemented, we’ll get your profiles set up and submit the code to your Webmaster. If you don’t have a Webmaster, we can drop the code into your webpages (extra fees apply). We’ll even give you a quick tour of the site to understand the analysis tools available to you.

CAUTION: DO NOT waste another minute of your web-presence by not having this valuable tool being used. Ask us for help if you don’t know how, or somebody else. As my insightful fellow colleague told me during our web site pre-launch “Don’t make me come over there and hit you on the head”. Duly noted.

Custom Facebook Pages / Twitter Backgrounds

Establish your brand and your persona by giving all your Facebook and Twitter profiles a face-lift. Adding this customization engages your audience in your topics and cross-brands your different sites, products and landing pages. Don’t leave this low-lying fruit hanging around. Customizations start at $129.


Rule #1: All company social sites should be owned by the company’s owner or President.
Increase your visibility and generate leads

Increase your visibility and generate leads

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