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Having a glamorously looking website, does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with a well-performing website. In fact, we have seen the “Mercedes-Benz” class of websites that perform poorly and Google barely even knows it’s there – much less the audience it was built for. On the flip side, we have seen very “Plain Jane” websites perform amazingly well because the SEO basics were covered. Perhaps, you have a mix of both?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Compared to traditional marketing strategies, SEO is still the baby in the room – so don’t worry if you don’t know much about it – most business people don’t. That’s exactly why we’ll send you a FREE SEO BRIEF prepared specifically for your site.

SEO is a combination of techniques used to encourage your website up the ranks of Search Engine Response Pages (SERP) so people on the internet can find your site. There are many tricks in the bag – most that you can do yourself, others you may want to hire out for. Our brief is designed to guide you through some of that process.

Whether you have a “Mercedes-Benz” or a “Plain Jane” website, or something in the middle, you are sure to find a nugget of value in your FREE BRIEF!

Our Full Service SEO Package includes:


Our 30 day implementation period comes with an implementation plan and weekly status calls.
Develop keyword strategy that is focused on driving traffic and conversions. Website & competitive analysis.

  • Research keywords that would be most productive for your site
  • Develop keywords based on search volume, competition
  • Finalize keyword strategy
  • On-Page: Analyze home page for effectiveness and restructure
  • Off-page: Competitive Analysis

Determine your site’s current performance and effectiveness – “benchmarking”

  • Repair any site indexing or redirecting issues
  • Browser compatibility check
  • Initial site ranking for targeted keywords
  • Identify current traffic sources
  • Develop monthly reporting and baseline measurements for success

Optimize your site’s pages in accordance with keyword strategy

  • On-Page: Meta tag optimization Alt / Title / H1 / H2 Tags / Anchor Tags / Images
  • On-Page: Content optimization & density rewriting
  • On-Page: Optimization of URL’s and internal links
  • On-Page: Canoncicalization of duplicate pages
  • On-Page: Meta tag optimization
  • On-Page: blog posts/articles/press release optimization
    • If you don’t have a blog, we’ll set one up for you!

Create high value incoming links in over 100 websites

  • Off-page: Link building in Major Search Engines
  • Off-page: Google/Yahoo/Bing Enhanced Local Listings
  • Off-page: Link building in local and vertical search engines
  • Off-page: Link building in business listing directories
  • Off-page: Google Places, FourSquare, Mapquest, and other location discovery sites
  • Off-page: Social Media Profile creation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+)
    • If you have existing videos, we’ll optimize them for you!

Optimize your setup in the major search engines

  • Google Analytics setup / web integration / reporting
  • Google/Yahoo/Bing webmaster setup & review
  • Optimize and submit robots.txt file
  • XML Sitemap creation & submission

Monthly Maintenance

  • On-going competitive research
  • On-going link building in relevant websites
  • On-page enhancements to support keyword strategy
  • Blog writing, optimization & promotion
  • Press Release publishing, optimization & promotion
  • Monthly reporting includes SEO achievements, on page updates, keyword ranking and traffic
  • Support via: email & telephone

Standard Rates: Implementation Fee (starts at $1,250 up to 50 pages) + $575/month subscription
Exclusions: Domains and third party software fees are not included. Nominal fees apply for authorship services.
Subject to Terms and Conditions in our Online Services Agreement.

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