Search Engine Marketing Setup (PPC)

Make a big splash on the internet with our most comprehensive package available for the Social Media / Online Advertising newbie. Get your Social Media Sites set up and get your feet wet in online advertising without lifting a finger.

Includes New Client Consultation

Includes Social Media Quick Start

Pay Per Click (PPC) Implementation

Once your Google Analytics account is established and your baseline measurements are defined (sexy ROI speak for advertisers), we’ll spend some time searching for effective Keywords and Audiences to kick start your PPC efforts. Keywords & Audience definitions are the most important factors in online advertising (and in Search Engine Optimization) and are due considerable attention to maximize your advertising budget. We’ll run scenarios through our industry tools to find the most effective groupings for your audience. Using ineffective keywords or targeting the wrong audiences would be like flushing your money down the toilet. Fun to watch, but expensive.

Once established, we’ll develop your first PPC campaign. Then we’ll develop a budget and timeline release of your ads so everything coordinates with your supporting call center.

We don’t stop there, each week we’ll provide you with measurement reporting and decision tools so you know exactly how well your PPC campaigns are performing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Implementation

All PPC ads should be directed to an effective Landing Page that is designed to convert your lurkers into leads. We’ll work with your Webmaster to ensure that your Landing Pages include industry standards for effective conversions and all tracking mechanisms are in place. If you don’t have a Webmaster, we can design coordinating landing pages for you (additional fees apply).