Restaurant Guest Management

restaurant guest management services

Restaurateurs are a tricky breed of people. We like to think of you as submarine commanders – extremely busy with tight resources. That’s why we’ve developed a very specific program designed to help streamline your guest communications and it all starts with your guest comment card.

Guest Comment Cards – Database Management

Comment cards are great to flip through, read and make restaurant/staff improvements. However, they can be more powerful when the data from the cards is entered into a system and the system is launched into cyberspace. We start by converting your guest comment cards into data. We have 3 entry options available:

  • Using our web-based Guest Management System
  • Submitting an excel spreadsheet
  • Manually sending us your comment cards for data entry and scanning (don’t worry, we’ll return them)

Rewards Program

At the heart of all successful guest programs is some form of a guest rewards program. We’ll help you tailor a rewards program that fits your restaurant’s existing technology, culture, theme and customer demands. Some of the most successful guest rewards programs lack fancy technology and interfaces, so don’t lose heart on passing up on expensive integrations.

Guest Drip Email Program

The most opportune time to capture a guest’s attention is to reward their efforts of completing a guest comment card. And the most economical way to reward them is with a series of automated emails (drip email program) requesting them to sign up for a guest reward program, provide further information or join you on Facebook. We’ll help you tailor a series of well-timed emails so you can maintain interaction with your guests long after they’ve paid their bill.

In the business world, we call this lead management. But restaurants are different, new guests translate to prospective customers for life – and that’s the ultimate goal of restaurant marketing. We’ll craft emails for you designed to invite the guest back to dine with you for the most popular occasions for your restaurant:

  • Birthdays (every couple has at least 2 a year)
  • Anniversaries
  • Sunday brunches
  • Family gatherings
  • Tuesdays Tonight – because I’m just too tired to cook tonight

Monthly Success Reporting

We wouldn’t dream of providing a monthly service with out a way to track the success of it. We use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the performance of all our marketing efforts and send those to you monthly.


Rewarding guests for their email addresses with a small offer is the fastest way to grow your email list. Email campaigns have the largest ROI of any marketing campaign.

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