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If you are a Search Engine Optimization tire-kicker or needing to kick start your entire web popularity, Press Releases are a proven way to get those motors revved up and increase search rankings.

Copywrite Press Release

Our copywriting team will craft an informative and captivating Press Release (up to 2 pages). But not Press Release is complete without a compelling graphic. Yes, logos are graphics and perfectly suitable for Press Releases, but readers love pictures. Consider colorful photos of your product being used or before/after photos of your service. Put the two together and you will have a widely spread Press Release.

Optimize for Gobots / Spiders

In order Press Release warehouses to index the databases of where Press Releases are stored, these warehouses have developed complex automatic indexing engines to weed out uninteresting or fallacious submissions. There is a science to be applied to this crafty art, and we’ve had wonderful experience getting through these indexes (although with most machines, nothing is 100% guaranteed).

Release to PR Web

PR Web is the industry standard for submitting and disseminating Press Releases, and is our preferred tool.

Release to Local Media

Releasing to a web-portal is great for getting your Press Release into the online community with speed, manually releasing your Press Release to the local media can work like wildfire in your back yard. Getting your information in the hands of journalists and community leaders is a fool-proof way to make sure your notice gets seen by your local community.

Our Press Release package includes submitting your Press Release to Tampa Bay’s major media including:

  • Local Newspapers
  • Large affiliate TV broadcasters
  • Large affiliate radio broadcasters
  • Local chambers of commerce
  • Locally published magazines
  • Your industry related associations (ie: PIA for printers, FRLA for restaurants or NAR for realtors)


Where you distribute your releases matter – ensure those outlets have Google Authority.

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