Online Reputation Management

People are out there searching about you and your company every day. What are they seeing? Overwhelming, positive accolades, or something different? What information do they see about you? A photo of your new office complex or your old address and phone number?

If you have a large number of website visitors or high traffic customers, then keeping a finger on the pulse of what people are saying about you is of critical importance. Did a customer recently post on a new restaurant blog that they had an undesirable experience? You’ll want to know that sooner rather then later, and if possible, send that customer a kind email apologizing for their experience. By maintaining a proactive customer service approach, you can turn a situation around and perhaps earn a customer for life!

Monthly Reporting

As your reputation management agency, we search all the major search engines and directories and submit a report to you of what we find. Any incorrect, physical information (name, address, phone, website) will be submitted on your behalf and included in the report. If you aren’t listed in relevant directories, we’ll get you listed!


Don’t ever ignore negative ratings. How and when you respond can have more intrinsic value more then all the great ratings.

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