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marketing consultation

Take control of how you approach your marketing with a written marketing strategy. A modern written strategy is not “set-in-stone”, but rather a “guideline” for how you plan to utilize your resources (time and money) to grow your business. Both the marketing industry and yours are changing fast, so plan on your written strategy to continuously evolve.

We’ll start by asking you a series of questions aimed at understanding your business, your current client base, your ideal client base and your growth strategies. Prior to the consultation, we’ll send you a checklist of information that you’ll want to have handy to help frame the discussion. By the time we’re done with this informative session, you’re going to feel like we know so much about you and hopefully you’ve learned some new insights about your company. That’s a necessary reassurance to develop an effective marketing plan that will work for your business.

You will receive a written plan that takes all your information and creates a marketing blueprint for success. All the major areas of marketing and advertising will be addressed for you from print media and broadcasting to social media and community events.

At Red Palm Marketing, we use your Marketing Strategy as a working tool for:

  • Managing activities for your full service package(s)
  • Blueprint for developing content
  • Guidelines for where & when to submit your content
  • ROI baseline for measuring success

What are you waiting for? Let’s start building something together!


Be clear on your goals:
What do you want your visitors to do when they first visit your website or learn about you?

Increase your visibility and generate leads

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