Drip campaigns (or complex auto-responders) are simply a series of emails sent to your contacts based on a variety of criteria.

For example, if you signed up for our newsletter, you will automatically receive a series of quarky yet entertaining emails full of tips and tricks for effectively utilizing Social Media to grow your brand.

The most common auto-responders are for those who have recently become a prospect of your company, but haven’t bought anything yet. Staying in front of them with relevant information is key to converting them into customers who buy. Don’t drop the follow-up ball in your busy day-to-day activities with this program that is easily put on cruise control.

Lead Nurturing Email Campaign

Outlining and drafting a thoughtful email series is the most complicated and time-consuming part of implementing a Drip Email program. You can steamline this process by utilizing our copywriting services.

Set Up Drip Email Services and Integration with CRM

Once written, we’ll program your Drips into a third-party program. If you use a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system and it allows for integration, we’ll coordinate the integration until your Drips run seamlessly.

If you don’t have a CRM system, we’ll set one up for you. There's several top-market tools that we can recommend - depending on your goals and budget.

Franchisors can benefit from our proprietary API that feeds custom forms into FranConnect and also integrates with other systems - thus ensuring the most eye-pleasing forms and true campaign attribution.

Lead Scoring and Call Lists

Once running, it’s not enough to have emails magically sent to your contacts. It’s magical to know who opened the emails or clicked on them (open rates and click rates). Depending on the third party program used (which also depends on your CRM tool), decision tools and reports may be available to indicate who is interacting with your emails. This is what we refer to as “Interested Recipients” and your sales team can use those reports as a sales tool for personal follow up on your hottest leads.