It’s a no wonder that with all the overwhelming amounts of spam email, retargeting PPC and over-use of PPC ads on our Google SERP’s that, as human beings, we are becoming MORE responsive to the old fashioned use of physical pieces of paper showing up in our mailboxes.

This does seem to be quite a conundrum, but in my 20+ years in the printing industry, I can attest to the INCREASE in response rates happening to effectively run direct mail campaigns. There is a way to run a direct mail campaign for results, and any other way… well, let’s just say it would be easier to stuff hundred dollar bills in your mailbox for the postman for all the benefit you will receive – and believe me – there are plenty of "popular" direct mail companies out there willing to help you do just that!

If you are planning a direct mail campaign, here’s a few tried and true insider tricks to make sure your response rates are as effective as possible.

  • Mail each campaign at least three times TO THE SAME PEOPLE. Or don’t bother at all. If you mail any less frequently, due to budget, then take how many pieces you can mail, divide by three, and that’s what you send – even if the final count is the minimum 200.
  • Track what you mail. There are various ways to track the mail pieces and the calls coming in. Any good marketing agency can hook you up with a tracking phone number to use. This is the insurance in marketing.
  • Have a clear Call-To-Action. Sending out offers and announcements are great, but does the recipient clearly know what you want them to do, or is it lost in everything you are trying to stuff on the card? Simple is simply more effective.
  • Have eye-popping graphics. The graphics on your piece should not be boring or used by everyone else. Boring ends up in the trash. Eye popping or unique graphics alone can make or break your campaign.
  • Spend money on a mailing list. There are hundreds of thousands of mailing lists available. Understanding who your target market is, will help control your overall budget. There's alot insiders don’t want you to know about mailing lists.

The above list should get you off to a good start with your next campaign. If you have any questions, or need a second look at any direct mail quote you have received, please contact us.