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Developing Marketing Campaigns

Not all businesses should market their products and services in the same way. Why? Because you are unique to your competitors and your target market is different then even ours. The best methods to attract AND retain customers differs in messaging, visuals and methodology. Our Marketing Director will develop a series of campaigns that will attract, retain and grow your customer base. We start the party by first taking a close look into your company’s culture and your target market and then develop effective initiatives for you (that works in your budget) and put the boots on the ground to implement.

From developing sales collateral to event marketing and public relations to guerrilla campaigns, our team is experienced in our varied skills to get your message to the right audience.

Marketing Systems Management

Under our Managed Services Agreement, we will fulfill the roles as your outsourced Marketing Director. We will:

  • Develop and implement effective marketing systems
  • Develop and implement campaigns for attracting and retaining customers
  • Manage all ad graphic design/creative work
  • Manage all ad placements (ads placed at cost, savings passed to you!)
  • Manage all marketing printing needs
  • Distribute press releases and respond to press inquiries
  • Monthly KPI success reporting with phone tracking
  • Supply you and your staff with FREE business cards and name badges
  • Stop holding nuisance meetings with vendors pitching the latest gimmick. Send them to your Marketing Director and get the scoop on the validity and ROI of their pitch.

Manage Ad Graphic Design / Creative Work

Establishing a consistent image and “voice” across all ad placements is important in creating a recognizable brand or company. Having a consistent look & feel to all your messaging is important for customers to recognize you, trust you and eventually buy from you. Red Palm works very hard to ensure that our customers are represented well in the media and work with a small pool of elite graphic designers to ensure consistency and effectiveness in all our design work.

Manage Ad Placement

Understanding demographics relative to ad cost is important in determining the most effective periodicals to place your ad in. We have relationships with many of the publications in the Tampa Bay area and the Dallas Metroplex. We can steer you in the right direction and place all ads at cost and pass those agency savings on to you.

Manage Printing Needs

We have an extensive printing background and can broker your print for the most effective cost. Not all printers use the same equipment, and even those that do, their rates can widely differ. We’ll make sure that your artwork is designed for the most effective printing outlet and coordinate the printing (including press checks) and delivery. If direct mail marketing is in your sights, then we can most definitely help you come up with some fantastic direct mail campaigns.

Throughout our partnership, you and your staff will get free business cards and name badges!*

brand management

Monthly Success Reporting

We wouldn’t dream of providing a monthly service with out a way to track the success of it. We use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the performance of all our marketing efforts and send those to you on a regular basis.

* Certain restrictions do apply.


No marketing campaign should be launched without some kind of tracking mechanism.  Every click, call and visit can be tracked.

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