silly social media post

Ever wonder why your posts go unliked? it’s actually pretty simple. And one many businesses with semi-active fan pages don’t want to admit.

They’re boring!

Facebook is an entertainment factory. If you are posting dull, corporaty safe sales pitches, then you have no business managing a SM account.

When your logo hits a news feed, there are 3 sure fire ways to elicit comments, likes and shares.

  1. Use Eye Popping Graphics
    Either through vibrant contesting colors or emotionally grabbing images. The best emotions to tap into include silliness, happiness and extreme joy. There is the flip side that has just as much interaction – fear, anger and sadness. Choose the latter cautiously.
  2. Evoke Curiosity
    My favorite big brand to hit my newsfeed regularly is Redbox. Why? I’m always curious as to who is under the mask! If you don’t know what I mean, take a moment (time yourself!) and check them out.
  3. Interrupt the Common
    Most of the items in a newsfeed are repetitious. Cats, pets, words of wisdom and the occasional photo that you leaves you wondering if the person who posted it was sober. Those few posts that can stop a newsfeed scroller in her track-wheel win the moment’s Like. Refer to points 1 & 2.

Yes, these things take time, collaboration and skill to make happen. But as I said before, those willing to put in a bit of elbow grease get the points!