Social Media Blogging

Sarcasm, humor, personal development, something quirky, something catchy… entertain me!  If you find you’re various social networks failing and not receiving any participation from your followers, it is important to ask yourself: What it is that I am doing to catch someone’s eye?

As part of the complete digital marketing mix, successful campaigns partly utilize social channels to enforce “Brand Recognition”. Therefore you must be recognizable in the timeline amid the mess of Friday night’s tagged photo with friends, Aunt Lucille’s new cat (I can’t believe she got another one!) and various family updates on moving, new jobs, new babies, etc….   It is hard to weed through all that AND be noticeable.  The secret to social media success is to entertain those that have linked their lives with your business. Can you capture their eye with something that catches them off guard?

By catching the eye of a fan or follower you have implanted a seed in their mind of your brand. Social media is not an overnight miracle, it takes a lot of effort and the possibilities are endless!  Over time, your business likeability will increase.  People just don’t want to be sold to on social media – in fact it’s the biggest turn off. For now, focus on how to amuse or educate your fans and followers.

Social Media is also not designed as the rainmaker to seek out and seal new deals with clients. If this is your only intention than to be frank, you may experience disappointment.   Nobody enjoys hanging out with that one person at a networking event who shows up with the only intention of putting their card in everybody’s hands…. online social networking is no different.