It seems that most marketing tactics, tips and helpful tricks all seem to be geared toward product based businesses.  Sure, e-Commerce is an economy all of its own.  But what if you don’t sell products, rather, you deliver amazing services?  And you grow those services based on your reputation and able to deliver OUTSTANDING results on a regular basis?

How do you market that?

The good news is, at Red Palm Marketing, that is all we do.  Here is a quick round up of successful marketing tactics we just witnessed in our latest round of Quarterly Account reviews.  See what your service based business can incorporate to have a stellar 2024.

(Note: These tips are good for those other, product based businesses too!)

Bite the Bullet to Get High-Quality Photography & Videography

In the past few quarters, we have seen those clients that tapped into the talents of their favorite local professional photographer or videographer have an easier time booking appointments or estimates.  Not only that, they tend not to need to justify their prices.


Because consumer preference of such excellent visual content is skyrocketing.  Having real visuals helps customers pass the “sniff test” of fake or sleazy.  This trend will only increase as more AI generated content fills our screens, more on that below.

And if you play on Social Media for leads, or traffic or branding, real visuals are going to become the king of those playgrounds.  Although, social media provides the easiest mechanism for seeing visuals in action, it’s NOT the only place where the consumer demand for visual content is present.  Rethink all the channels you interact with the public – on and offline.

As a side note… if your headshot is older 10 years, it’s time for a new one.  Folks in the Tampa Bay area can check out my dear friend, Valerie Bogle’s Flourish studio in St. Pete to get an updated headshot taken care of.

Leverage The Speed of Email Marketing

One of the best things about entrepreneurship is the nimbleness and speed at which we move forward.  And no better way than in our messaging.  Those businesses that can keep up with the pace of changing consumer demand, while making it EASY to do business with them are going to thrive during this changing climate.  Sure, consumers have always expected quick service before, but now they are DEMANDING IT.  More on how to do that below.

We are especially seeing this with our construction clients.  Customers are wanting in-home estimates next day or within a day or two, with on-the-spot written quotes and guarantees.  Providing this can make all the difference between winning or losing a new client.

But that’s not the only speed people are expecting.  Here are some more non-operational, marketing tactics that I can think of to prioritize speed and convenience in your marketing toolbox:

Create a Winning Business Website   

… With a Focus on Conversion

Patience is a virtue, but not in the online experience.

Your service-based business website needs to load quickly.  Not only does this ensure better visitor engagement, but is also a major factor in Google Lighthouse scores that contribute to your overall SEO score.

And it should answer the questions the visitor doesn’t even know to ask about.

Offering a genuine and generous amount of information that visitors find helpful is not only a matter of appearing in Google Search or not, it’s the whole reason why people come to your website to begin with! If you can do this well and quickly, you can reduce the time it takes a potential lead to get the answer they need without having to directly contact the business.

Ahhhh…. built in automation.

Automation – Leverage The Power of AI

If you are not actively pursuing ways to automate tasks, operationally or with salesmanship or marketing, you will be left in the dust in 2024 and 2025 will become a burden.  It’s the cold truth.  Now is the time to begin to harness automation and the power of AI to keep you competitive, if not ahead of the pack.

In marketing, there are a gazillion ways to harness this power, the key is to find the right mix (or system) that actually supports your current workflows and amplifies them.  This week we are incorporating SMS texting with incoming leads and chat bots on different service websites – with automation in the back end to drive follow up.

Unless you just love busy work, there is no reason to send routine messages by hand.  Automation facilitates the speed of communication and even helps push leads toward scheduling appointments, requesting quotes, and interacting with your business in other key ways.

With the sheer number of CRM tools on the market, at various levels of sophistication and price points, there’s no reason why any business of any size can’t send the right message at the right time to a prospective lead and improve the convenience of doing business with you, at the moment they become ready.

Work With a Knowledgeable SEO Team

Yah, this one is blowing my socks off!

If you take nothing else from this short read, it’s this: the introduction of AI to Google Search at the end of 2023 brought tons of websites to their knees and off the net in March.  The need for investing in a competent and credible SEO team has never been more critical than now… but only if you count on being found on the web to get new leads and clients.  It’s no longer enough to count on a decent “brochure website” to do the work alone anymore.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the on-going marketing practice of getting a company’s website or business listing to rank higher in the results of a search engine, like Google, for desired search terms or “keywords” that are relevant to what the business offers. 

First hand, we saw clients who have invested in quality, genuine content for their website SKYROCKET in results in March.  Traffic skyrocketed, organic calls and leads skyrocketed, and sales took off!  It was just the push many of them needed at just the right time.

One thing I cannot get off the soapbox about, is that digital communications is only a TOOL in the entire marketing tool box.  An aide to speed a transaction or communication.  At the end of the day, all sales are still H2H… Human to Human.  Google knows that and took action.  Remember that when looking at what you are putting out.

How does your marketing stack up to this list?