We are a Christian Based marketing agency devoted to using our God-Given skills at work to impact the Kingdom.

With our proven Spark Plug marketing plan, you’ll stop spinning your wheels, chasing the next shiny object that’s not producing results and relax knowing this piece of your business is working.

Our Guiding Verse

We believe that what we do while at work can serve the Kingdom, it’s why we categorize ourselves as a workplace ministry organization. It’s though our God-given talents that together we can all make a difference for others. We help you spread your message more effectively, and in turn, you help manage people’s financial security, build homes for families or raise funds to improve educational opportunities for our community’s children. The reach is endless, but our time here is not.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Col 3:23

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    Many swamped business executives that approach us admit…

    • They are stretched too thin to invest time into implementing a marketing plan internally, or on their own
    • Half-Hazard DIY marketing projects aren’t producing results
    • Their business or family time is suffering
    • Work doesn’t seem fulfilling anymore.


    After much prayer and toil, we became an agency for such business executives. With our sage guidance, Christian influenced values, coupled with the use of our architected, data-driven “spark plug” marketing system, our clients can get back to focusing on running the business of their business.


    Our values SHAPE our actions:


    Serve Everybody we encounter with a humble helping heart.


    Be real, even at the risk of losing


    If its to be, it’s up to us.


    Committed in heart and mind


    Continuous learning and trying will give us the competitive edge

    How We Work

    Our Spark Plug marketing plan is designed to help you to reach your goals within budget. Each part of the plan can be purchased individually or as a whole through our Managed Services offering. Once you ignite the spark on your plan, we’ll implement your strategy and give you at-will access to our easy to read campaign performance reports.


    Most businesses that come to us have been businessing along for quite a few years. In that passage of time, their brand image and message may have become stale, and need an uplift. Other business execs come to us to incorporate a Christian influence in their message, which we lovingly call an UpBrand. Whether its a refreshing new logo or an UpBranded message, our creative team is thoughtful in the approach to uncovering your story and bringing it to life.

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    First impressions matter, and often why clients will decide whether or not to work with you. With your new messaging strategy, we’ll build a website that becomes your hub to the digital world and marketing.


    Without the right strategy and marketing focus, your business is losing out on opportunities. With your new Spark Plug marketing plan, we’ll launch sage, data-driven advertising campaigns, positioning you as the go-to business in your market. Carefully choosing the right platforms that best reach your most profitable target market.

    Digital Marketing 1 V1
    Digital Marketing 2 V1


    The last step in building a foundation for success in our Spark Plug marketing plan, is developing the funnels that consistently communicate with your leads and prospects. Don’t fret if you don’t have a CRM in place yet (or frustrated with your existing one). There are lots of options out there, and we can help guide you to selecting a tool that you would not only enjoy using, but will also deliver.

    If you don’t consistently work your marketing plan….

    • You WILL fall prone to costly half-hazard mistakes
    • Continue chasing the next shiny object
    • Fall prey to the loudest voice in the room
    • Lose out on missed opportunities

    Our PALM Method

    Consistently working a strategic marketing plan isn’t enough. Tapping into our 6Sigma training and utilizing LEAN principles, we ensure all our campaigns follow the PALM method of measurement. This ensures our results driven campaigns are scalable.

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    Your thoughtfully crafted Spark Plug marketing plan serves as the guide for your marketing initiatives. Keeping an eye on the plan and executing based upon sage goals is the foundation to successful results.

    By counting on our team to carry out your marketing plan, you can focus on running your business, or having a life outside the business.

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    Once a campaign is launched, our custom architected systems constantly receive and compile data for our team to analyze against benchmarks. For each campaign we identify one or two key metrics that are critical to success.
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    Keeping an eye on the data coming in, we are able to make any necessary adjustments to a campaign to ensure its success.

    Optimizing, recording and measuring the data in your campaign journal is how we are able to see month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter and even year-over-year results. This invaluable data gives us an edge on the seasonality of your business.

    M V1 300x300


    Every campaign that is launched is measured, and your campaigns’ Key Performance Indicators are always top of mind. You will gain access to valuable reports through our portal that demonstrate the results of your marketing plan.

    You can rest confident knowing you always have access to your vital campaign information.

    Success Stories

    Our clients get hooked on the scalability of our team and our Spark Plug method over time. They are known to be serial entrepreneurs ready to launch their next business venture with the freed up time, head-space and expected outcomes.

    Justin Jones, Founder

    Heavenly Foundations

    Red Palm set up such a successful approach to realtors and a niche focus on historical homes, I was able to branch out the company into several divisions, including handyman, fencing and plumbing.

    Laurie Hill, CEO

    Christian Chamber of Commerce, Tampa Bay, Inc.

    We have been very pleased with all the work you have done for the Christian Chamber of Commerce – Tampa Bay, Inc. We most appreciate the awesome options and solutions that are given to meet our ever growing and changing social media and website needs. Thank you Laurean for being what we need, when we need it!

    Julie Daniels, Founder

    Handymen For All

    We brought Red Palm into our company while we were under a franchising agreement. Her program helped us grow to the point we left the franchise and started our own company. Several years later, it grew again to the point we were able to sell the company.

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